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As an aside from my usual jewellery blog posts, I thought here would be a nice place to document the progress of my latest mini adventure.. rearing some butterflies. A very lovely friend of mine wrote a blog post HERE all about butterflies, and how she rears them. Please do go check it out!

We are starting off with just four Painted Lady and three Peacock butterflies.

I collected them yesterday from my friend, and so far, we are besotted with these tiny little creatures! My two eldest sons are captivated by them, and we all just spent a lovely time, clearing out their containers and filling with new fresh nettles to munch on. This has to be done daily.

Here are a couple of photos of the Painted Lady’s… they are much bigger than the Peacocks at this stage.

and the tiny Peacock caterpillars…

This is the Peacock butterfly…

The Painted Lady butterfly…

*images from Cornwall Butterfly Conservation website*