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Folksy Friday ~ Balloons

This week I have decided to do one of my other favourite “things” – balloons! I am fascinated by balloons, yet have a weird freaky fear of white balloons that stems from childhood… will probably not go into this now! 😉 But, for now will showcase a few balloon related finds on Folksy…

First up, a quirky shop that I stumbled across recently, love this print, despite one of my other fears – clowns!

“Balloooons Print” from David Cloud Makes Noise

“Hand-tied balloon bouquet” by Balloon Baboon

I featured this seller in my “Butterflies” post last week, I love her photography…

“Almost Free” by Cassia Beck

I love resin jewellery, and this is quirky and fun…

“Running friends and puppy” by A Resin Revival

What a lovely fun design!

“Super Cat Cushion” by DinkyDaisy

Unusual item of jewellery -bright & bold…

“Balloon Print Fabric Necklace” by CottonCandyCorsage

and finally to round off my Folksy Friday…

“The Red Balloon – Wooden Triptych” by mrs eliot books

Folksy Friday ~ Butterflies

This is my first Folksy Friday blog post, and I thought my first theme would be “Butterflies”.

Summer is nearly upon us, and soon we will have beautiful butterflies fluttering around the flowers in our gardens! I have been a butterfly fan as long as I remember, and to be honest am a sucker for anything butterfly related, so here goes!

First up is “Butterfly Flower Brooch” from Lupin Handmade.

I love this next shop, and such a lovely lady too! I have some of her postcards which I adore, and I am coveting pretty much most of the things she sells! 😉

“Love birds with butterfly – original small art canvas” by Mochalulu

Next is “Oh to be a butterfly” by Cassia Beck Photography

I love the next one as it features one of my other favourite things…buttons! Brighten up a dull wall with these lovely 3d wall decorations…

“Vintage patterned butterfly & flower 3d wall art” by 100 Percent Delicate

Something a little unusual and perhaps darker… I love this!

“Butterfly Meadows original canvas by Verity Nicholson” by Tiphereth Art

This is adorable! What a lovely shop!

“4 really very lovely postcards” by Lil Sonny Sky

and finally… can not have a butterfly theme without featuring my friend’s lovely shop! All my twitter followers will probably recognise this photo! 😉

“Flutterby Love necklace” by Crafty Little Mia

I hope you all enjoyed my first ever Folksy Friday post! Have a fabulous bank holiday weekend! 🙂