As an aside from my usual jewellery blog posts, I thought here would be a nice place to document the progress of my latest mini adventure.. rearing some butterflies. A very lovely friend of mine wrote a blog post HERE all about butterflies, and how she rears them. Please do go check it out!

We are starting off with just four Painted Lady and three Peacock butterflies.

I collected them yesterday from my friend, and so far, we are besotted with these tiny little creatures! My two eldest sons are captivated by them, and we all just spent a lovely time, clearing out their containers and filling with new fresh nettles to munch on. This has to be done daily.

Here are a couple of photos of the Painted Lady’s… they are much bigger than the Peacocks at this stage.

and the tiny Peacock caterpillars…

This is the Peacock butterfly…

The Painted Lady butterfly…

*images from Cornwall Butterfly Conservation website*


Folksy Friday ~ Balloons

This week I have decided to do one of my other favourite “things” – balloons! I am fascinated by balloons, yet have a weird freaky fear of white balloons that stems from childhood… will probably not go into this now! 😉 But, for now will showcase a few balloon related finds on Folksy…

First up, a quirky shop that I stumbled across recently, love this print, despite one of my other fears – clowns!

“Balloooons Print” from David Cloud Makes Noise

“Hand-tied balloon bouquet” by Balloon Baboon

I featured this seller in my “Butterflies” post last week, I love her photography…

“Almost Free” by Cassia Beck

I love resin jewellery, and this is quirky and fun…

“Running friends and puppy” by A Resin Revival

What a lovely fun design!

“Super Cat Cushion” by DinkyDaisy

Unusual item of jewellery -bright & bold…

“Balloon Print Fabric Necklace” by CottonCandyCorsage

and finally to round off my Folksy Friday…

“The Red Balloon – Wooden Triptych” by mrs eliot books

Folksy Friday ~ Butterflies

This is my first Folksy Friday blog post, and I thought my first theme would be “Butterflies”.

Summer is nearly upon us, and soon we will have beautiful butterflies fluttering around the flowers in our gardens! I have been a butterfly fan as long as I remember, and to be honest am a sucker for anything butterfly related, so here goes!

First up is “Butterfly Flower Brooch” from Lupin Handmade.

I love this next shop, and such a lovely lady too! I have some of her postcards which I adore, and I am coveting pretty much most of the things she sells! 😉

“Love birds with butterfly – original small art canvas” by Mochalulu

Next is “Oh to be a butterfly” by Cassia Beck Photography

I love the next one as it features one of my other favourite things…buttons! Brighten up a dull wall with these lovely 3d wall decorations…

“Vintage patterned butterfly & flower 3d wall art” by 100 Percent Delicate

Something a little unusual and perhaps darker… I love this!

“Butterfly Meadows original canvas by Verity Nicholson” by Tiphereth Art

This is adorable! What a lovely shop!

“4 really very lovely postcards” by Lil Sonny Sky

and finally… can not have a butterfly theme without featuring my friend’s lovely shop! All my twitter followers will probably recognise this photo! 😉

“Flutterby Love necklace” by Crafty Little Mia

I hope you all enjoyed my first ever Folksy Friday post! Have a fabulous bank holiday weekend! 🙂

“England” charm bracelet.

Quite a while ago, I was given an idea to do something “world cup” themed for the patriotic female English football team supporters. With World Cup season upon us, time to  design & create these has been paramount!

For several months, I toyed with various ideas and themes, and decided to try something feminine, yet substantial. Something that jingled satisfactorily on the wrist when cheering the team on!! In my mind, it needed to be versatile so it could also be worn on a variety of other occasions. I wanted the bracelet to be suitably patriotic but not over-the-top screaming “England” or “football”, and hopefully the finished piece is testament to my ideas!

As I make a lot of bracelets, particularly charm style ones, I decided to go down this route. I have been wanting to break-away a little from buttons and work on more beaded items recently, so this was the first decision I made. I wanted an abundance of beads in the colours of  St. George’s Cross – red and white clustered together. I chose small red and white glass round beads, and round discs. Nestled amongst the bead clusters, I wanted to incorporate something “girly” and feminine also, and managed to get hold of some pretty lozenge-shaped red & white floral glass beads, and some similar smaller round ones. I chose to have four silver-plated “England” flag charms on the bracelet, and as a nod to my button passion, a few little red buttons too! 🙂

The bracelet takes quite a while to make, but is ultimately one of the most enjoyable bracelets I have made to date, purely because it feels so gorgeous to hold (and wear!) – the beads drape naturally and jingle so nicely against the wrist.

I love the fiddly, long-winded (and nail damaging!) process of assembling each of the headpins with the silver-lined crystal seed beads, and watching the bracelet take shape. The finished bracelet weighs approx. 75g, and are approximately 19cm in length, so whilst it is delicate and feminine in many ways, it has weight and strength in it too!

I have sold the first one already on Folksy (pictured), and am hoping some more supplies hurry up soon as I have at least another three more orders! Each one will be very similar to the original,  but ultimately each will be individually handmade, and equally lovely!

The bracelet’s are £18 + p&p, for silver-plated. Sterling Silver available upon request. They come lovingly gift-wrapped and presented in a sturdy gift box. Perfect for giving! 🙂

Return of the mojo?!

I have been lacking recently in what I always refer to as my “mojo”. I would sit and ponder how to make and create, and couldn’t find my creative side anywhere! Frustrating when you have orders to fulfil, and a desk covered in beads, buttons and various other jewellery making paraphernalia!

I could easily blame sleep deprivation (a one year old who does not sleep at all well, does wonders for making you lose your creative energy!), and various ailments, (cold after cold…)

Anyway, yesterday I wasn’t feeling very well, but I was given some time to myself, and when my headache started to subside a little in the afternoon, I found myself sitting creating finally! I managed to finally finish off two custom orders that I had started and put aside, and felt much more inspired again finally!

These two particular items were designed to complement a pretty top (I had been sent a photograph to work from). Tentatively, I sent the customer links to the photos and she luckily she loves them! 🙂 Below is the bracelet…

"Kara" Button Charm Bracelet

I also finished another bracelet, loosely based on the “Jardin d’Eliza” bracelet I had previously made. Another custom order entitled “Enchantment” – I hope she likes it! 😉

"Enchantment" vintage button charm bracelet

Next up, I set about working on an idea I had recently, using bright funky buttons, and beads, in a more simple design, less “clustery” than my usual bracelets, but I am thrilled with it! This piece is “Disco Buttons” 🙂

"Disco Buttons" charm bracelet

"Disco Buttons" charm bracelet

AND… I listed a couple of pairs of earrings to my Pollyorange Creations facebook fan page store today and sold them BOTH within a matter of minutes! (and I have a few more potential orders in the pipeline too!)

So, all in all a good day I think, and I feel inspired again finally! 🙂


I was featured in a lovely blog today – a treasury of all things orange! It was a great surprise to wake up to, and put a smile on my face first thing, which is a rarity after at least a year’s worth of broken sleep thanks to my youngest son! 😉

The particular piece featured was my “Sunburst” bracelet, which is still for sale HERE on Folksy.

Here is a link to the original blog article 🙂

Thanks Giddystuff! 🙂

“I heart England”

Took a  gentle step back into my jewellery making after loss of recent mojo, with some earrings inspired by a good friend of mine, who a) loves earrings and b) loves England! A true patriot and supporter of all things purely English!

"I heart England"

The earrings are perfectly feminine and dainty, featuring a trio of little red & white heart buttons, all held together with silver-plated jump-rings. They hang really beautifully, and I am very happy with them.

There are five sets of these earrings for sale over on my Folksy shop… go take a look by clicking here!