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A beautiful, vibrant wonderful girl who was taken from us far too young…

I had known Sam since she was a baby, and she was close to my nephews and family, and now she has gone, I don’t think anyone could ever quite fill that void – she was a real one-off.

The minute Sam walked in a room, it lit up. She had an amazing energy, a spirit that would lift the room. Fun, capricious and above all else, a really lovely young woman.

The last time I saw her was when I was helping to prepare for my eldest nephews surprise 21st Valentines’ birthday. They had been friends since they were babies. She was musical, talented & so creatively inspiring. We giggled as we made “kissing booths” and wondered where to put the the holes 😉 Ideas would pour out of her mind at a rate of knots, and it was hard to keep up!! Her chaotic and creative ways were inspiring, and her style was unique. She didn’t fit into any mould, but perhaps broke a few along the way!

Sam could sing, and was well known on local music scene, and was going to go far… on my nephews birthday, she wrote him a song and performed to us all, and brought tears to quite a few eyes. 🙂 I can still hear her singing it in my mind…

I can’t actually believe she has gone.

All of my family are deeply upset, so I can’t even begin to imagine what her poor family must be feeling…and I send them all my love at this time.

I hope that wherever you are Sam, you are happy again – you will always be in our memories.

Return of the mojo?!

I have been lacking recently in what I always refer to as my “mojo”. I would sit and ponder how to make and create, and couldn’t find my creative side anywhere! Frustrating when you have orders to fulfil, and a desk covered in beads, buttons and various other jewellery making paraphernalia!

I could easily blame sleep deprivation (a one year old who does not sleep at all well, does wonders for making you lose your creative energy!), and various ailments, (cold after cold…)

Anyway, yesterday I wasn’t feeling very well, but I was given some time to myself, and when my headache started to subside a little in the afternoon, I found myself sitting creating finally! I managed to finally finish off two custom orders that I had started and put aside, and felt much more inspired again finally!

These two particular items were designed to complement a pretty top (I had been sent a photograph to work from). Tentatively, I sent the customer links to the photos and she luckily she loves them! 🙂 Below is the bracelet…

"Kara" Button Charm Bracelet

I also finished another bracelet, loosely based on the “Jardin d’Eliza” bracelet I had previously made. Another custom order entitled “Enchantment” – I hope she likes it! 😉

"Enchantment" vintage button charm bracelet

Next up, I set about working on an idea I had recently, using bright funky buttons, and beads, in a more simple design, less “clustery” than my usual bracelets, but I am thrilled with it! This piece is “Disco Buttons” 🙂

"Disco Buttons" charm bracelet

"Disco Buttons" charm bracelet

AND… I listed a couple of pairs of earrings to my Pollyorange Creations facebook fan page store today and sold them BOTH within a matter of minutes! (and I have a few more potential orders in the pipeline too!)

So, all in all a good day I think, and I feel inspired again finally! 🙂